If your floor is damaged, our expert professionals will make it scar and stain free by sanding it gently

Hardwood Floor Repair Service Brooklyn NY

Is your house looking old and boring?

Would you like to transform your home’s decor from boring to fabulous? This is the only way to do this, Hardwood Floor Repairing. The dull and old flooring can ruin the overall look of the home. This is why it is crucial to maintain your hardwood flooring now and then. We’re here to offer the most efficient flooring service throughout Brooklyn.


The need for hardwood floor service

As you age, the hardwood floors lose their appeal. The best part about hardwood floors is they can be revived. All you have to do is call us to inquire about our services which will restore the old charm of your home. If your floor has been damaged, our skilled professionals can make it scratch and stain-free by sanding the floor lightly and then applying a coat of shine. If it’s not damaged, it’ll require less time to repair. In areas that are heavily used cleaning by flooring experts is essential.

Old hardwood floor repairing

The floor creates the overall look of your home. If the floors of your house are damaged, they will hinder the attractive representation of your home. It is crucial to get professional help to repair the flooring that has been damaged can be dangerous. The chalk and holes in wood can cause a great deal of damage to kids as well as the adults. When exposed to water for a long period the floor begins to take on staining.


Repair scratches on hardwood floors

The scratches that occur on hardwood floors appear less appealing. There are a variety of ways the hardwood floor may get scratched, such as prominent marks caused by the claws of a dog, gauges left by the legs of the sofa, chair, or table, and a bang of the rough material on the floor and so on. Our experts will follow the steps below to fix scratches:

Step 1

Choose a shade maker that is similar to the floor. Verify its visibility before confirming.

Step 2:

On areas with scratchy surfaces, brush the colorant lightly, each time.

Step 3:

To create a natural, natural feel for natural feel, experts recommend that you rub a walnut in the scratch.

Step 4:

If there are many scratches on the wood, it is best to rub then clean using clear water.

The deep scratches can be filled with wood fillers.

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Repair gouges and dents on wood floor

However hard you protect your hardwood floor it is impossible to avoid the possibility of dents and gauges. The gauges on your flooring can damage the wood fiber. Our experts have discovered the most efficient method of removing dents and gouges from the flooring. To get a tiny size, we recommend that you apply a matching color of wax filler stick over the floor until it’s filled. A brown crayon could be used as well. After rubbing, apply an absorbent cloth to rid yourself of any excess wax. For a deep gauge, we recommend filling it with color wood putty or epoxy glue that is mixed with universal colorants. After that, apply a paper that has been lightly sanded to get rid of the excess.

If you want to repair a small dent, we suggest using a touch-up pen, whose color must match that of wood. If the color of the brown marker or shoe police matches the color of the wood, it is acceptable. Apply the solution, remove the excess, and you’re done.